Sooooo, it has been nearly two years since blog post number one.  I think that results in a blogging fail.  I couldn't even remember how to log into this account. I finally found it again and was relieved to see a grand total of 0 (that's ZERO) page views. Phew - how bad if people came back for more!

So what happened? Well I realised that there was already this entire world of blogging out there. When I wrote that post I had never heard of "Male Pattern Boldness", "New Blog for Better Sewing", "ElegantMusings" or "Sewaholic".  Once discovering the amazing blogs by Peter, Gertie, Casey and Tasia there was no way I could gather the courage to return to my own basic blog. Instead I chose to stalk their blogs religiously. But so much has happened in that time. I have sewn so many beautiful things (at least to me) and I have discovered more and more amazing bloggers that form part of this wonderful online sewing community. They have been such an inspiration and encouragement that I want to play along as well.

The time has come. I'm ready to join this community and share some of my own exploits.
Some achievements so far:

  • Creating/forcefully acquiring a dedicated sewing space!
  • Purchasing an overlocker/serger
  • Working out an invisible zipper
  • Sewing PANTS, (ok not for me but they are still very cool)
  • Sewing a floor length evening gown
  • Sewing a jacket. Yay for the Sewaholic Minoru
  • Sewing a knit! Yay for the Sewaholic Renfrew
  • Joining a sewing meetup (sewing club)
  • Completing a short course in pattern making
  • Spending way too much on my growing fabric and notions stash

My forcefully acquired sewing space with a collection of projects

These are all wonderful things to blog about and all are beyond what I imagined I could achieve when I started this blog. I will be making posts about each of these feats and more soon. I might even blog about my abysmal attempts at knitting – for comedic effect only. 

So if you are a kind reader who has taken my page views from "none" to "some” welcome and thank you.  (If you are my boyfriend or my mum then stop being stalker-ish - it doesn't look cool - OK. But thanks for supporting me x).

Just some of the projects waiting for me to start
Next up on the sewing list:
  • Finishing some baby gifts
  • Fixing some pirate pajamas
  • Sewing up curtains for our slightly dull and overly chilly apartment. Brrr winter in Melbourne!

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