I haven’t done any promotion of this blog but already I have some page views. Who are these mysterious viewers – including some from the US?  I hope they decide to come back again to see if there is some actual content to read. Maybe they will even leave a comment.

This Blogging thing is taking some getting used to. This blog layout is still pretty boring but I am working behind the scenes to make it look a lot more interesting. Finding out how it all goes together has been challenging.  If anyone out there has some tips then please come out and share them.

What hasn’t been so challenging is coming up with things to write. I have started drafting out a few posts already and you can see some of the things I will be writing about on the other pages – stay tuned!

Since my last post (published a little late) I have successfully completed one project on my list! The baby jacket has been finished and gifted to a very appreciative mum-to-be. Finishing this one came down to the wire, actually it went a little past it and I was late to the baby shower. I wanted to make sure the grippers on the jacket were really, really secure. I did such a great job of hammering them down that I bent them completely out of shape! I then had to go back in, pry them off and do it again. During this process I managed to hammer my thumb a few too many times and bend the spoon I used to pry the grippers off. And all of that made me late to the party. At least I will know what *not* to do next time. 

For this jacket I used a Minky dot fleece and blue check cotton.

I am happy that I have adjusted the pattern to make a slightly easier and faster jacket to make. This is a good thing as there are so many babies on the way. I also like the look of the adjusted jacket better. I have changed the ears from long bunny ears and made them into teddy-bear ears.  I have removed the lining altogether but applied a patterned facing for the grippers. This keeps the jacket soft and light but also provides a pop of colour and personality. I can also source this pop and personality from my stash of left over fabric.

I was so short on time that I didn’t get any good pictures of the jacket. I will have to wait until baby is born and maybe I will get some then. However I somehow managed to take this crazy photo.  I just had to see what the ears looked like when the hood was on. 

I have decided to post-pone making the curtains for a little while. I will need the whole floor of our apartment to measure and cut and it just hasn’t been convenient timing to take over the whole place. I was also distracted by some inspiration to cut out 2 projects from this soft red ponti I have had in my stash for a while. Perfect timing to sew them up at the SewMelbourne Meetup this weekend. 

I am loving this red right now

So mystery viewers – Any other ideas for baby presents? I have a lot to sew for. Am I the only one that decided to sew a fun project instead of a sensible project this week?

Have a good weekend!


  1. Coolcoolcool. Na, I don't sew for others XD But I'd recommend installing disqus so commentators don't have to deal with the blindness inducing hideousness that is recaptcha XD Disqus handles spam blocking for you (it uses Akismet, the same algorithm that's built into Wordpress) and enables cross platform commenting while keeping tabs on comments, responses, pings and trackbacks. This means people from wordpress, typepad, livejournal, overblog etc will be able to keep track of responses without having to get a Google ID.

    1. Why thanks Ms Nose! I am a complete newbie at this so all tips are welcome. I'll look into it. Anything else you recommend? I can see why you wouldn't want to sew for others. There is hardly enough time to sew what I want for myself. :)

  2. Had to comment because your opening paragraph made me laugh.



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