Despite the lack of blog posts lately I have been busy in the sewing room. What I am finding hard is getting photos! it's winter in Melbourne so daylight outside of working hours is hard to come by. Even if there was some I have no tripod for photos and Mr Scientist is too busy to take them. So instead we are left with quirky photos from a corner of our apartment with the camera precariously perched on a shelf. It's impossible to get the focus right. But it's ok. Because its the sewing that counts... Right?

Better blurry and poorly cropped than nothing.

Here are the beautiful things taking my interest at the moment. It's seems to be all about red and black.

Red ponti, black ponti and some stretch cotton with lovely roses. (straight from the bargain table for a steal!) The black has been used to make a knit version of a tried and true dress in my collection. And the red is my modified knit Pendrell from Sewaholic Patterns. I have also made a few versions of this in woven which I am sure I will blog about soon.

Having successfully complete my first Renfrew (also by Sewaholic) and quickly followed by a knit dress I have now become all kinds of knit obsessed. Its quick easy and no zips are needed. I have needed to make a few pattern alterations to get the fit right. I am trying to build a set of tried and true patterns that I can use to whip up knits garments in just a day. Both the dress and the Pendrell were one day projects.

I wore the black dress to work today and found at it was a little shorter than I would have liked for work. I think it will be a disaster to unpick so it might end up being chopped into a skirt or relegated to weekends. Pics on that one soon. I also wore it with the rose stockings. I am loving them right now!!

The red Pendrell was a hit when I wore it to work last week and then to the sewing meet up on the weekend. It works well for winter over long sleeves but I think it will also be great for summer. I'm imagining it with a pencil skirt made from the black with red roses. If there is enough fabric left after the vintage dress I am planning to make.

While the camera was out I thought I would take some snaps of the pretty white flowers that a handsome scientist delivered to my door the other day.  Possibly at my request to put in the new (to me) vases I found in the op shop down the road. 

Oh yes - and the new little owner of the baby jacket arrived just yesterday. I can't wait to see her in it!

Happy Sewing
Roxy x


  1. Red is definitely your colour! I really like the ruffled sleeves :)

  2. Beautiful Pendrell - you've inspired me to make one!

  3. Awesome. It's a really nice pattern! I have made 3 now and they always get noticed! I made alterations so that it would be more fitted in a knit. I'll post about those soon.

    Thanks for commenting. I found your blog a while ago and then lost it! I've tried a few times to find it again but didn't have any luck. So you are now safely added to my mailing list. I'm envious of your knitting talents!

  4. Love that red. Pretty sure this is the best version of that pattern I've seen.

  5. Thanks. I see its pretty similar colour to that beautiful scarf you just finished knitting!

  6. WOW thanks so much. :-) I think it works really well transformed into a knit and made a little more fitted.



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