It has been a really big week in the land of Sew DeBeaux. A promotion, an iPad, some serious stash building, booking another patternmaking course and a little bit of sewing.

So it's now officially official that I have a new role and I am located in a new office for work. Hooray! I'm really excited about this. My new office is just 3kms from home and it's the only office I need to be in. This is great because I can walk to and from work (there is just a happening retail and cafe strip between work and home) and I don't need to drive between offices during the day. The downside - there are no fabric stores near my office :-( although after my behaviour this week maybe that is a good thing.

I decided that a promotion should be rewarded so I splurged on a new iPad. (Actually I need it as I wont have my work laptop at home anymore - how would I blog?) it's so pretty and fun! I have literally had it for 3 hours and already blogging is a zillion times easier. As is reading other people's blogs. I still have some serious learning to do so please forgive any crazy formatting.

I spent my last lunchtime at one of the old offices saying good bye to my lunchtime haunt - Spotlight. I only wanted to pick up one pattern but instead walked away with all of this:


But It was all on sale and I have specific plans for most of it. That makes it ok right? For example, I think I have finally settled on a pattern (Simplicity 2308) for some love-at-first-sight polyester that I bought on a Sew Melbourne excursion to the Cloth Shop. I know I could draft this myself but, well, I bought it anyway.

I have also had my eye on Vogue 1220 for a while. I think it might come up alright in the crazy print below. It's a little bit like a tablecloth but it has some stretch in it which is perfect for that pattern. The fabric was super cheap so it will be good for getting the fit right even if it doesn't end up wearable. But i have a vision in mind of this dress teamed with some nice orange and wood beads. It could work!

I also have plans for McCalls 6520 and this delicious and drapey rayon. It has a nice cotton feel and is soft and light. I want to make the collar version. I also picked up some buttons on sale that will bling it up. I'm not sure which set to use yet.

I'm not sure what to do with the polka dots but they are so cute. I think they would make a great Minoru jacket but I already have one in navy. Something to think about. The other fabrics are destined for other people. How cute are those frogs?!

So all in all a big and expensive week! I have to be on my best behaviour - no more spending and lots more sewing and blogging. I have no excuses now - back to the sewing machine and that lovely rose dress.

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