Attention Melbourne Sewers!!

Get your wiggle dresses ready or get sewing... We have a party to attend.

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July 6 2013, 8pm
Workers Club Fitzroy (Cnr Brunswick and Getrurde St, Fitzroy, Melbourne)
Soul-A-Go-Go (By PBS Radio)
Please RSVP in the comments or email me so we know who to look out for

There are at least three versions of Butterick 6582 in my regular sewing meet up not mention countless other cute and retro party dresses. I think it is time they all got an outing and this event is PERFECT!!

Soul-A-Go-Go is a FUN event hosted by PBS radio on the first Saturday of every month. I have yet to go to it at the new Venue of the Workers Club but I am sure it will still be just as fun! Last time I went there were ALL sorts of people of all sorts of ages and styles. EVERYONE is welcome. Perfect for a night out with sewing friends.

So you officially have a month to choose or sew up your favourite wiggle dress and get ready to wiggle/dance the night away.

It's $15 to enter and it fills up FAST. Doors open at 8 and I suggest getting there by 8.30. Let me know in the comments if you are interested in dinner or drinks before hand and I will organise that too.
I look forward to seeing you all there. I will post more information as we get closer to the date!

Even if you can't make it to the event, you can still join in with the fun and sew up a wiggle dress too!!


PS Here is my post about the last time I went to Soul-A-Go-Go, wearing my Butterick dress of course!!


  1. I'm sewing this pattern at the moment but alas I live in Sydney so I'll have to wiggle on my own that night.
    Have a fab time!

  2. Maybe you could organise a matching event in Sydney? Either way make sure you show us your dress!! Have fun wiggling...

  3. Yes! Funk is totally our thing! Wiggle dresses aren't though. Sorry. I'm not just not into the 50s XS And I wanna dance not wiggle XD
    Funk and Soul's a 70s thing-what was everyone wearing the last time you went?

    Checked out your prev. post but no venue pics. And the gogo FB page is a bit bare on the details.. Anywho still wrapped up in semester-end marking at the mo', exams in two weeks so blog stuff not a priority (luckily got some posts scheduled to cover the busy period). Will let you know how things go, or just try and drop by if I'm in the neighborhood! Cheerio.

    1. Haha you can wear WHATEVER you want. Trust me we saw it all and I doubt any of it was authentic to any style of music or era. It's just one of those great feel good events where you can wear what you want and dance how you like. There were just a a few of us looking for a wiggle/retro/vintage worthy event.

      I agree the FB and website is completely lacking in detail. (Doesn't stop the place from getting packed though) Once they post the specific event I will load up the link. :)

      Hopefully you're in the neighbourhood!

  4. Coolcoolcool will see what I can manage.



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