A million years ago in the early days of this blog I mentioned that I needed to make curtains for our apartment. I was all organised and I purchased the fabric and the hardware etc etc and then... Nothing.


Fast forward two years and in a new (to us) apartment and I have finally made some curtains! They aren't amazing but as we are only here for a short time I'm more concerned with function over fashion. They do a great job. They hide the UGLY cheapskate rental blinds, they keep the room really dark and they keep the cold out and the warm in. If I was investing in these for a longer time I would have added more fabric to the width as they don't drape/cover as nicely as I would like. Maybe in the next apartment...


Because the fabric was originally purchased for windows of a different size I had to be a little creative with making it fit and not wasting the fabric. So I ended up with a curtain like this


We are now using this curtain in the bedroom and I have made solid colour curtains for the lounge. I am not sure which style I like best. I think the "top deck" curtain is actually really cool and it adds interest in a bland ugh rental with blah beige paint. (Can you tell I HATE renting!)





  1. They look great! I'm currently renting and have been giving the evil eye to the 'drapes' in my living room. They're pretty sorry for themselves, although at least their heat-retention properties aren't too shabby. That's probably the only reason I haven't attacked them... yet. Did you just kinda wing it?

  2. Totally winged it. It's a rectangle hemmed on each side with curtain tape stitched to the top. Easy in theory but a little challenging to keep it all straight and even on such a big piece of fabric. I think it was worth doing as our apartment is so much warmer and it really did transform the look of the lounge. But if you have curtains already maybe save the time for more interesting sewing projects!



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