Such an old photo. It's at our old apartment and just after I cut my hair

I made this fun skirt ages ago!! But due to a dodgy zip and a little laziness in fixing it this skirt remained unblogged until now.

The culprit. Yeah it looks cool but a girl needs a little more staying power

I made the skirt using my skirt block established in pattern making class. I drafted the peplum myself and decided to include an exposed zip to show of the cool vintage zip I purchased from a local op shop. The zip looked great but I didn't realise that after just a short time of wearing the skirt the zip was coming undone a few centimetres. Zip fail!

Zip and ironing fail actually


Finally the other day I got my act together and installed an invisible zip. It was actually a really quick and easy job and now I have this fabulous skirt ready to go. Probably just in time for the peplum trend to be well and truly over.


Can't see a zip anymore. That's because it's invisible ;-)


Although I am happy with this skirt I realise there were still some issues with the fit. Luckily these issues are hidden by the peplum. I have since adjusted the basic block and I am much happier with the fit. If I make this skirt again I think there are some improvements to be made to the shape and flare of the peplum.



The skirt is royal blue cotton with white polka dots. I underlined the skirt with soft white cotton which gives it more body and structure. I also used the underlining and edge-stitched it under the peplum to get a nice finish. This was my first underlined garment and I loved the result. It was also the first time I used special waistband interfacing. It has such a great effect. And I just fused up the hem. Wow so quick and what a great finish. Lots of firsts for this skirt. I guess I better make sure it now gets lots of wear.





  1. This is such a cute skirt! I love the little peplum detail and the polka dot fabric! LOVE!

  2. Aww thanks! I can't believe I took this long to fix it up. I just have to get as much wear in as I can now.

  3. Great seeing you the other night babe! This skirt is just as lovely in person :o)



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