After a flying start my "wiggle" dress had turned into a disaster. And as with all sewing disasters I thought if I hid it in a corner and didn't look at it for a few weeks it might just go away. Wellll... I was wrong. The disaster is still there AND I have only a few hours to fix it. I must get a wiggle on!


So far the fixing is going ok. But I have had to unpick A LOT of careful hand stitching, introduce some darts and reshape and draft some facings. Ugh! But if I'm going to make it to the party tomorrow then I have to focus.


So, will you be joining us for a night out of dancing and fun? Wiggle dress not required. So far we have op shop finds, retro inspired RTW bargains, and just fun dancing dresses! Please send me a message with your mobile number if you would like to come and I'll make sure we find you.




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