Following the wedding chaos it was time to find my sewing room. It was lost beneath piles of table runners, bunting and stuff! In the weeks leading up to the wedding my sewing room became a dumping ground for stuff! So last week I started digging. Look at all the projects I found.

Lining up my sewing projects. Fabric matched to pattern

I decided to match up my fabrics with patterns. I've tied them up into bundles and lined them up in order. I have WAY more projects than I realised, and many fabrics/patterns that don't go with each other, or with my wardrobe. This has been a big reality check to be more considerate when making pattern and fabric purchase to make sure they form part of an overall wardrobe plan. But first, I am just going to work through my stash before buying anything.


First up... Pyjamas. And probably not just for me.

Lots of pyjamas!

I made some pyjamas in the pink bike fabric last year. Haha I'm actually wearing them as I write this post! I was very excited to find some new blue bike fabric. Possibly some PJs for my husband? I also have a PJs pattern from my Mum's stash. It's been well used.


My Mum and Dad are actually visiting at the moment. Hopefully today I have time to take my Mum shopping. She is getting into knitting again and maybe we can find some nice wool... Hint, hint. I would love a cosy jumper for winter and my knitting history shows that is unlikely to happen!


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