Not only have I been working on making nice curtains for our apartment (which make a huge difference by-the-way), I am also revamping my blog. Actually I should say I am "vamping" my blog as it was never really "vamped" to begin with. Luckily there are heaps of free templates out there to get me started and I also know enough HTML to get me around the code*. So what has taken me so long... What design to choose?  I just don't know

Do I want clean and simple, or fun and quirky? Should I make some background and header graphics or keep it plain. Oh dilemma! But a fun dilemma. Please excuse this blog over the next few days while I work it out. I am sure it will look like a multiple personality blog while I chop and change templates and elements until I get it right. I will also be stalking a lot of blogs to determine what blog elements I like the most.

If you have a blog I would love to know what you think about templates and design. Or what design elements do you appreciate in a blog. I am assuming that bright yellow backgrounds with red text are not a favoured option?? One thing that gets to me is blog features that do not work on mobile devices.

I promise not to burn your eyes like this

*I won an award in my first year of uni for best website design in an IT multimedia class. HILARIOUS experience. All the lovely nerds in my class wanted to help me (because I'm female means that I shouldn't be good at something like HTML right? Actually I think I will give them the benefit of the doubt and say that they were just excited to have a girl to talk to). Where they all made black background, green text websites for things like Xbox I made a website for a fashion store... 


  1. Hehe good luck with the design. When you find something you like just stick with your gut and keep going because it will only get better and better! Congrats with uni that's excellent! I did Multimedia as well and was the only girl in my course!! So funny it got a little better doing com design at uni at least there were about 3 girls!

    1. Thanks!!
      I think it would give a great competitive advantage to be one of few women in a course like that. From what I have seen of your blog and website you are really talented at it too. Look out I might have to get you to make a new design for me ;-)



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