Hello my patient blog following friends. Good news! I'm back. Please forgive my absence, it's been a crazy few months. But rest assured, although I haven't been blogging I have certainly been sewing.
So what kind of things have I been sewing? Lets start with metres and metres and then even more metres of table runners in hessian and lace, I've stitched about 100m of bunting, I made a stylish bow tie and pocket square as well as a pretty blue waist sash. I also made a white dress....

Have you guessed?

Let's see if you were right

A sneaky little picture in the outdoor photobooth
Yep, I've gone and got myself married. Some of you might be thinking well how can this be, there was no mention of an engagement last time this lazy one bothered to post. Well that's because I decided to pop the question to my lovely man in January. And with a magical and slightly stressful mix of circumstances (that do not include pregnancy thank you very much) we ended up pulling together the wedding of our dreams in less than four months just in time to catch the last of the magical April weather in Melbourne.

Once I have the professional photos I will do a wedding post and show of all the sewing and DIY touches we managed to include. I tell you what I was sewing like a demon before the wedding. (And enlisted my Mum and MIL to help me too)
Before I mislead you too far the white dress doesn't actually refer to my wedding dress. In the end I decided to leave that to the amazing Colette Dinnigan haha. But I did sew up a fab little white number for my hens party. More on that soon.
The little white dress for my Hens, and my lovely waiter. (Dress is Simplicity 2053)

So thanks for sticking with me, hopefully I can catch up on some posts and keep you entertained... Until the next crazy adventure.


  1. Congrats missy that's fantastic!! Your dresses are AMAZING!! Your wedding dress is like my dream dress its beautiful! I'm actually basing my wedding dress off a Colette Dinnigan dress haha!! I took photos to my dress maker and basically said I want this hehe. Wish her dresses were in Brissy!! Can't wait to see the professional photos hopefully you will share a couple with us!!

    1. Hi Erin! Thanks! I will definitely post some pics. The Colette Dinnigan dress was VERY last minute, she saved me from dress disaster. More on that later. I am sure your dress will be perfect as it is being made just for you.

      Hopefully the pics arrive soon. I will post some good ones. All the best with your day. Not long now!!



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