It's Spring! Hooray. I'm moving to a new apartment with a courtyard which gets the northern sun yay! This means time for gardening yay! We are moving in two weeks so I am madly propagating plants to be ready for my new garden.

My thrifted succulent garden from other gardens

But even though it is Spring we are still getting a little frost and I don't want my precious tomato and basil babies getting hurt. So just as my mum sews "booties" for the dog, I decided to sew some protective gear for my plants.

You can see the humidity!
I made this greenhouse to fit over an unused shoe rack. It's clear tablecloth plastic with a big zip to allow access. Now my little seeds are nice and toasty. I was really happy with how this turned out and so pleased that earlier in the day I had mastered stupid little pivoty corner thingoes with my attempts at Vogue 1227. Thanks to Stephanie from the Sew Melbourne Meet Up for teaching me her trick. The greenhouse came together in just a few hours.

The zip goes all the way to the back to allow easy access for watering

Now to wait for the delicious tomatoes... Oh yes and the strawberries from our strawberry plants we rescued from the neighbours skip when they re-landscaped

Is anyone else getting into spring (or autumn) gardening? Would anyone like a greenhouse tutorial?


  1. What a fantastic little greenhouse - great idea!

  2. Thanks! I hope it works and I get some good plants!

  3. That's a brilliant idea!!

  4. Thanks!! It seems to be doing a really good job now. There is lots of humidity in there. But no little seedlings just yet!



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