Good morning blogland! I wish I could say it was a lovely morning here in Melbourne. Unfortunately the sunshine from yesterday has turned to clouds and misery. I'm sure it's because I am going to a footy game this afternoon. Always the way!

Busy with birthdays, weekends away and phd submissions!

Anyway. Things have been a little crazy here in the land of DeBeaux. In between work and pattern making classes we've had apartments flooding, birthdays and anniversaries occurring, PhDs getting submitted, visitors visiting and, and, and. It's set to get a little crazier still with moving apartments, going to weddings oh yeah and going on a HOLIDAY!

My blocks. I'm not sure they are a huge improvement on the original draft... But they are a place to start

My pattern making class has finished and I now have a skirt, bodice, sleeve and pants block. It really came down to the wire. I was on such a roll with my blocks and doing lots of work at home. And then I decided to be fussy about the fit. The thing with adjusting the fit is changing one little thing can put EVERYTHING else out. It was a bit like going around in circles. But in the end I made it. I need to trace them onto card and I will be able to share my blocks with the world. Oh and then all the amazing and perfectly fitted things I plan to make from them.

I now have a truckload of things to blog about... Here are a few tasters of posts already underway:

  • A weekend away with some great vintage sewing purchases
  • My first self drafted skirt
  • Spring dress weather and some me makes from last year
  • A seminar on interfacing with the Sew Melbourne group
  • More vintage patterns...

So watch this space!

FYI: the apartment flooding was not our fault. I'll spare you the disgusting details (unless you want to know, just say so in the comments, it is a bit funny, now). What it did prove is that my boyfriend and I know we can get through all kinds of SH1T together. Yep.

Is anyone else suffering from life getting in the way of sewing? I am afraid it will be like this all Summer.

PS go Stonecats for winners in today's grand final!


  1. Life definitely gets in the way of my sewing! Whereabouts in Melbourne did you do the pattern making course?

  2. I know! I am moving house right now. I don't even know where my sewing machine is!

    I did the course at RMIT Brunswick with Kate Newton. I did pattern making earlier in the year and just finished pattern drafting. Kate is a great teacher. I really enjoyed the classes.



  3. Thanks for those links! Hope the move goes well. Ha! Moving is a nightmare...

  4. I hope you do make a men's minoru! I would love to see it. And then maybe my boyfriend won't thing i'm the only weird sewist who uses women's patterns for him...



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