The red roses dress came out again the other week for my birthday. I didn't get a chance for detailed pics last time I wore it so here they are now. I used Butterick 6582 which is a reprinted vintage pattern. The fabric was cotton with just a little bit of stretch.

Using flowers in an attempt to hide my pattern making mess!

We caught the last of the light for some quick pics right as we were heading out. We met up with friends at a monthly event called Soul-a-Go-Go where they play old soul 45s. It was like an old disco with all kinds of vintage attire (not specific to any decade or genre that's for sure) and a very eclectic mix of people. It was really fun to get dressed up and dance away. Even Mr Scientist got in on the act.

Here are some close ups of the front of he dress. It has a mock cross over and gathered shoulders.

The dress came together really easily but I did have to take in all of the darts to get the fit right and to compensate for the stretch.

I added a bow belt, it was my birthday and I felt like being a present haha. I'm a straight up and down kind of person so anything to help with waist definition is a plus.

The vintage style stockings went with it really well. I wanted to be comfortable for all the dancing so I went out in flats. So comfy! So easy to dance! Why have I tortured myself in heels for so long?

Unfortunately I wasn't as practical with my choice of jacket. And when we couldn't get into any of our first 3 choices of restaurant I started to get a little cold (FYI Melbourne restaurants are going through a big no reservations phase). Add to that the epic journey to find an ATM with money and then standing in the line for a while to get to the party plus lots of bubbles to drink and loud yelling to converse over music, I ended up one sick sore and sorry birthday girl. I was out for well over a week and had no energy for sewing or celebrating on my actual birthday.

What was I thinking wearing such a poor excuse for a jacket in the middle of a Melbourne winter?

I've also been really busy with my new job and my pattern making course so I haven't had time for sewing or blogging. But I can't wait to start putting my new skills to the test with some designs I have in mind. I also drafted and sewed up my first test pair of pants last night. They aren't perfect but they are actually pretty good. More to come on that later.

I hope everyone else is staying well. Has anyone else been as silly as me and made yourselves sick from not wearing enough layers? I have done it so many times. You can take the girl out of warm and sunny Perth but you will struggle to make her remember to wear a warm coat.

Here's one more cute pic for the family at home. Aww... We do alright! Nanna will love this one. (yep my Nanna is cool and can use the Internet!)

PS these pics make me a little sad because they are reminding me of all my hair that I have since chopped off!


  1. You two look so cute! And I love your dress. It would be perfect for the weather we're having here - no jacket needed. Happy (belated) birthday and feel better!

  2. Awww thanks! Yep I'm all recovered from my cold now... just in time for hay fever/allergies season. No fun at all but at least it means that Spring is nearly here and I can wear all my fun summer dresses again.

  3. Nice! BTW Missed you at the Melbourne sewist's meetup! It was pretty awesome.

  4. Yep. That was a Roxy fail! Oh well next time!

  5. Happy Belated Birthday! I love this pattern, and your fabric works perfectly with it! It makes a great ensemble paired with the jacket and stockings, even if it was a bit chilly out. Well done on this fabulous piece!

  6. You look so beautiful. Happy Birthday. Wonderful job on the dress, and sweet photos of you and your honey. Can't wait to see your designs, and your new haircut.

  7. Happy Birthday for the other week!! Love your dress The fabric really compliments the pattern and you looked very pretty!! I cut my long hair off and regretted it at the time but as soon as it grew back I decided to cut it again lol. Lovely to come across your blog and I look forward to seeing your sewing creations!!

  8. Thanks Meg! Now that it's warmer it's also making a great spring/summer dress. I love pieces that work across seasons

  9. Thanks Erin. I'm having trouble finding your blog you'll have to post the address. Now that I'm used to my hair I am loving it short. It is more fun. But takes more effort to style haha.

  10. Hey Roxanne, Thought I'd better leave a comment instead of just stalk your blog! That dress is lovely - love the fabric and the pictures as well.
    Hope the blue and white creation is coming along well - I still have to hem my 'make in one day' dress from Saturday... always the worst part! I'm already looking for a new pattern for the next sewing day ;o)

  11. Hi Abby! Thanks for letting me know you came by. I am so impressed by your one day dress. I think it came up great. Let me know if you want to come pattern shopping in my collection. I can bring them by or arrange for you to look through before the next meet up. it will save you having to add to the stash.

    Enjoy the hemming I find it so relaxing to sit back and hand stitch the hem.

    My blue and white creation is on hold while I complete another blue and white creation/costume. I'll finish it one day. X



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