In an earlier post I talked about my Nan. Well this very same Nan was very happy to see me back into sewing and decided to spoil me with some treats from her very own pattern stash...

Aren't these patterns awesome? My Nanna would have used them to make clothes for herself as well as my mum and aunties.

I think these are the ones I want to make first. They are a little big but I should be able to grade them down. They are from a company called Weigels. I hadn't heard of them before, they were an Aussie company. The patterns are not printed. Just the ones that are already cut out. I have never used a pattern like this before. It should be fun.

This top would be really cute in this Japanese lawn. I would love to make the peter pan collar, except I will have to draft it for myself as it appears to have gone missing. This fabric is really, really cute. Here is why...

It has BUNNIES!!! Aren't they cute!

My Nan also sent me some pinking shears and an embroidered needle case. Unfortunately the shears are blunt. Does anyone know if you can get them sharpened? I didn't know what the case was at first, a cute little book maybe. Thanks to my bboyfriend for pointing it out. I think it will be really useful. I wonder who in the family made it.

Anyway, it's going to be another non sewing weekend for me. It's my birthday so I'll be doing fun things like dancing and eating out instead. Oh yeah and watching the Olympics. Is anyone else completely distracted by the Olympics? Our coverage here is terrible. We are spending more time laughing at the terrible commentators and presenters than watching the sport. But it's still fun. The Australian media is obsessed with medals. Is this the same in other countries as well?

Happy weekend everyone. Have a dance and a cocktail for me. I'll be dancing to Jazz and Soul in a retro dress (made by me of course). I recommend you do the same!


  1. Hi Roxy love your blogs and spectacular sewing.  don't know if it works for pinking shears but it does for regular scissors and is worth a try.  Fold some aluminium foil 6 or 7 thicknesses and just cut cut cut. Hope you had a great birthday. Robyn

  2. Love the little bunnies hiding in your fabric! so cute! and happy birthday!

  3. Thanks Robyn!  That's a great tip I will have to try it. I've never heard of it before. I had a great birthday but ended up getting sick so I've been spending too much time recovering and not enough time sewing!

  4. Aww, that's so nice that your nan used those patterns too and now you are! Three generations of pattern fun! Happy sewing xx

  5. Thanks! Yes I can't wait to sew this up. I love that they aren't that noticeable. Only those who care to know will see them...



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