I went home to Perth this weekend for my Grandmothers 80th birthday. I was great to go home, see the family, spend time with my grandmas and catch a little bit of sun.

I thought it would be appropriate to wear a vintage dress to the party. I was planning on finishing the red and black roses dress in time to wear it but didn't get it done before I left. Luckily with such a full house at my parents I had to sleep in the sewing room. Perfect for getting up early and finishing the dress! It was fun to get back to the very same sewing machine on which I learnt to sew. My Mum's old Elna is great. It felt so strong, but I did miss all the features that my much newer machine has. I had to thread the needle on this one myself!

I just downloaded a new app called photo toaster. I am playing with it to give my photos a vintage look. (really its to hide the fact that I take terrible photos). I think it makes this picture look like it is from the 70's which I think is the same era as my Mum's machine.

My Nanna (on the other side - not the bday girl) was pretty happy to see me so into my sewing and sat with me in the warm wnter sun outside while I handstitched the hem and other finishing touches. It was such a nice way to spen some quiet time together. Here is a photo of my Nan and me with the finished dress.

It's hard to see the details of the dress, I didn't really get any good pics as I was too busy catching up with family. I have a huge family of cousins and second cousins etc. I didn't even get a pic with the birthday girl. It was hard to get to her with all the guests. I did manage one with some of my cousins and my little brother (the one in the middle)... FYI I'm 5 8 and they are giants.


  1. Love the fabric choice for that dress and the nanna pic. Also love that you use disqus XD

  2. Thanks! Yes I finally got Disqus sorted out. Now onto a better blog design....



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