Or, it's been too sunny to sew
Well the weather here in Melbourne has been LOVELY lately. The sunshine was so unexpected in the middle of winter that I have been making sure I absorbed as much of it as possible. This was not so helpful for getting a lot of sewing done, but I made up for it with lots of other fun activities. Bike riding, farmers markets, walks in the parks (with gorgeous puppies), picnicking, baking delicious fluffy scones for said picnic, crafting, painting, reading blogs in the sun, cutting out a new dress and more! All that in 2 glorious days of sun. I also failed to take any photos... I must get better at that.
So in lieu of a new project to show you, here is a nice summery top I prepared earlier - and it still works well in winter.
Can you guess what it is? Here is another hint...
Those sleeves are pretty distinctive. Here is another view
Have you guessed it?

It's the Pendrell by Sewaholic. It is the second one I made and you can see the third version posted here. I just love the sleeves.

I made it from a poly something-or-other which I fell I love with from a distance. It's the colours and flowers that caught my attention. There is just enough warm orange in the print. I realised the other day that I have an orange top that layers perfectly making this top wearable in cooler weather. I love layering. It ddoubles my wardrobe and takes all the bright summer prints into winter.
I made this a little big around the waist. Rather than run in the seams, I put a little pleat in the back. I also gave it a bit of a peplum effect by having it longer in the back. Not at all because I made a mistake along the way. Haha. Either way, I like the look.

What I ddon't like at the moment is blogsy. This is the app iI am using to write my posts. IIt's so close to being amazing but the weird typos, missing images, missing links and my wwasted 2 hours rewriting this post 3 times are courtesy of this app not wworking. Does anyone out there have any recommendations for another app? I dont have a computer at home so iI need an iiPad version. II'm a little fed up tonight. II'll give their support team a chance to see if they can fix it... Fingers crossed.

Bonus round: I am missing a photo off my last post. II've had some requests to put it up. LLet's see if this works.

II'm out of time for sewing tonight but another bright and bold print awaits. I also have some fun craft projects to post soon. hmmm and I need to decide if I can get up early enough (5am) on a Monday morning for Tilly's sewing social. I think it will be great fun. Is anyone else from aAustralia joining in?


  1. I'm loving those sleeves!!! This is exactly why I love reading blogs, I find ALL kinds of new patterns I wanna try!!
    I use the Blogger app on my ipad.

  2. Thanks! The sleeves to get a lot of compliments. I have not seen any other patterns or RTW with sleeves like that.
    I have the blogger app. I will have to try it. The good thing about blogsy is the integration with Flickr. I'm not sure if blogger can do that.

  3. Beautiful Pendrell. Really stunning print!! I need to try some Sewaholic patterns. So glad you all are having such gorgeous weather down there. I'm in a similar predicament. It's just been too amazing to be inside this week, so all of my wannabe projects are stacking up. Enjoy the sunshine and that wonderful top!

  4. Thanks!! I definitely recommend this pattern.

    Well it is looking like a miserable weekend this weekend which would be good for sewing except that I am just SO busy!!  Why are there so many birthdays in July/August!!  Not good for sewing at all.

    I hope your weekend is filled with sewing and sunshine!!



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